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Giving dogs love and affection

Daily Tip!

Love and Affection.

Did you know to much love and affection can create behavioral issues to occur in your dog? Don't get us wrong, we aren't saying don't ever love on your dog. We love on our fur babies as well. What we are trying to say here is that there needs to be an equal balance of discipline and affection. There also is a right time and a wrong time to show your dog affection.

Look at it this way. You have a child who is doing something wrong. It doesn't matter what it is, they're just doing something they know they are not suppose to do. You don't approach the child with "awww baby, now you know your not suppose to be doing that." In a soft (affectionate) tone. Right? You approach the child with a more firm, solid tone because that gets the correction across to the child better. Odds are the child will stop doing what they are doing wrong with a firm tone ver

Giving Dogs love and affection

sus a soft tone.

This same concept applies to dogs. If you discipline with affection, your dog will never know the difference between right and wrong. Another scenario we can give you is giving a dog affection while they are growling or barking at someone coming into the house, or for any reason for that matter. If you approach your dog with "it's okay, their not going to hurt you" "stop growling it's okay" in a soft tone whilst petting and loving the dog; you are only rewarding the bad behavior. You are teaching the dog in his mind that he is doing exactly what you want him to do. But, in your mind it is the complete opposite. This is where the discipline comes in and the affection goes out. Give your dog a firm correction when they are doing something wrong. In this scenario you would make him sit go lay down (place).

Just remember, to much of anything is a bad thing. Life is always about a balance. This applies to any living being on this planet.

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