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How failing is important to learning.

Teaching dogs

How failing is important to learning. In order to succeed you must fail first. When you fail, you try over and over again until you finally get it. Each time you learn from your mistakes and correct them. No one starts off knowing or getting everything right the first time. It takes failure, practice, and dedication to fully learn and understand whatever task you trying to get accomplished. Some of the most well known inventors and millionaires failed 100 times before they became successful. When we train dogs, we work on one task at a time until they get it. Some dogs learn the task after a few tries, some learn it after several tries. We don't give up and correct their error each time and find ways that motivates them to learn. When they accomplish the task given, we reward them and move on to the next task. No dog or human are perfect. We all have to fail in order to succeed. It is the key to learning. For more information contact us on Facebook or our website at #dogtrainingtips #graysk9 #dogtips

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