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Off Leash Trained Dogs in Macon GA

Meet our Available Highly Trained Dogs 

Our dogs are highly trained at a specific job. We have property protection, personal protection, and family protection dogs available!


Our dogs come to your family completely trained so you can enjoy them the first minute they are home. We aren't just adding a dog to your family, we are adding a true member of the family that adds value and safety to you and your home.


All our dogs live in our home until they are completely ready for their forever home. Here they become well socialized, and  learn the ins and outs of their job. They come fully health checked and ready to go.


our process:

We want only the best fitting homes for our dogs. if you are interested in a dog we have, we will set up an interiew with you, and make sure you and the dog will be a good match. not only do we want you to love your new family memeber, we want to make sure the dog is compatible to your lifestyle and love every minute of their new life with you.


If you are interested in one of our dogs, please fill out our contact form and we will set up an interview.


Family dog
Personal Protection Dog
Family Protection
obedient dog

Meet Truman

Age: 2

Breed: amercican bulldog

health: clear health panel, good hips, normal elbows, nuetered

Skills: family protection, property protection, personal protection

      there really are not enough adjectives to describe this wonderful dog. he is fun, happy, willing and highly trained. he bonds quickly and deeply to his family and takes his role as a protector seriously. a powerful protector that is also a joy to live with and a fun character that can easily make you laugh. as there is no such thing as a perfect dog, truman may just be the perfect match for you and your family.

        you will not be disappointed in this dogs skills. He is an incredible dog with amazing heart and soul to go along with his big brain and bold athletic body. He loves other dogs, big or small. Great with cats and other farm animals such as chickens, goats and pigs. This dog just absolutely wants to please and be with his family. he's a perfect travel companion, hiking, biking, camping or kayak buddy. he is equally happy laying around the house, cuddling and watching movies.

meet xena

Age: 1

Breed: german shepherd dog

health: tbd

Skills: Property protection, in home family protection

xena is just absolutely stunning. There is just something about this girl. she just has heart, kindness and willingness for her family. She is absolutely loyal to her family and willing to deter anyone you don't want on your property. she gets along with all dogs, cats, and farm animals. she can be a great travel partner, hiking partner or just hang around the house all day. xena is an amazing dog, but each dog has their own strenghs and weaknesses that can make the perfect for your lifestyle or not such a good fit. 

Here are some of  the dogs we have homed to families!



Meet Boeing!

He is an amazing dog and has been in foster with us for a few months now. He came to us from a rescue, Deep South Canine, to get some training done so that he could be the best he could be in a family. He had a few issues we had to correct and has done amazing. He is advanced trained, and gets along with all animals. He is pretty calm but can be playful. He also loves to perform his commands.

What Boeing needs from his owner:

  • Lots of structure

  • Rules

  • Boundaries

  • Consistency

  • Does best with submissive playful dogs, not dominate challenging dogs

Please let us know if you would like this sweet boy. He would make an amazing pet and is a great protector.

Adopted dog


Adopted dog


Trained Adopted dog

Living with
Actress Jaqueline Pinol

Trained Adopted dog


Lexie was a very shy girl that could pull like a freight train. She was not very socialized with anyone: dogs, people, or other animals. We taught her all the basic commands and built her confidence. She is now in a loving home with her new family living the life. Thanks to training and support system, she can live her life to the fullest in her new forever home!

adopted dog
adopted dog


Abu didn't have any basic doggie manners when he came in. He would bulldoze through doors, wasn't potty trained, jumped, pulled horribly, and was not socialized with cats or dogs properly. We taught him how to be the perfect house dog with wonderful manners. He was adopted a few months later by a wonderful family that absolutely adores him along with his 4 legged brothers and sisters as well. He is now living the doggie life!

adopted dog


Zeus came to us because he was extremely hyper, had absolutely no manners, jumped fences, pulled on a leash and was toy possessive and food aggressive. He was completely out of control. While here with us we worked on his behavior issues and became the best dog he could be. No more food aggression or toy possession and became a well mannered pup! Now he is living the life with a family that absolutely adores him!

adopted dog
adopted dog


Abby came to us for being very reactive to animals and being very dog aggressive. We taught her some doggie manners and how to be the best social doggie she can be. Now she is living in a home with MANY other dogs because her mom fosters other pups and abby assists with their rehab and teaching new dogs how a dog should behave. She has come a LONG way from where she was in life. Abby is living the life and loving every minute of it.

adopted dog
adopted dog

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if you are interest in adopting a trained pup from us! You won't regret it.

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