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"How to" Dog Training Video's

How to teach your dog the "place" command

This video is just the begginning steps to teach the place command. This command is good to teach so when your doing the dishes, having guests over, doing laundry, other household chores or just relaxing having a movie night, your dog will be relaxing too and not under your feet or on top of you.

As your dog gets to know the command better, you create distance and duration

How to use a prong collar

How to teach a puppy to not chew on random objects
How to get a dog to stop bulldozing out of the crate

Why should you teach your dog to not bulldoze out of the crate?

Have you ever had your dog bulldoze out into your legs, buckling your knees, or bulldoze into your kids, knocking them over?

This is why we should teach our dogs to be calm coming out of the crate. This will teach your dog patience, how to be calmer, more respectful of you and your space.

How to teach your dog to not be reactive

Having a dog that is reactive to things is very stressful and dangerous, for you and the dog. The dog could pull you down, hurt you, or you could lose the leash and he could run out in front of traffic and get hurt. Its not to difficult to correct if its a minor situation. This video will go over what you will need to do to correct your dog from doing this behavior. Start small and go big. The collar always needs to be at the top of the neck for maximum control. Please seek a professional for help if needed.

How to wear a prong collar

In the top 2 pictures, you will see how a prong collar is being worn incorrectly. Notice how the prong collar is very loose and there is a big gap between the collar and the neck. In the bottom 2 pictures, you will see how a prong collar is worn the correct way. Notice how the prong collar is a snug fit right behind the head and is high up on the neck. 

How to correct counter surfing
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