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Welcome to our Videos!!

Is your dog bratty, hyperactive, jumps, pulls on a leash, aggressive towards people or animals, reactive towards people, dogs or doorbells, fearful, high anxiety, etc?
We can help!! This video shows a little of what we do. These are dogs before and after training. 
Your dog can be amazing too!! 

Dog Behavior Rehabilitation

A Glimpse into our training programs

Puppy Training
Behavioral Training
Recall by name
Feeding time!

One of the greatest reliefs to a dog is to have a secure and consistent daily routine. Being unsure is a huge unnecessary pressure on the dogs mind, and without a set routine, dogs can begin to feel insecure or stressed. Having a routine in place creates the feel of stability and will ease any stress your dog may have. One important part of a dogs day is being fed:

  • Make sure you have a regular feeding schedule.

Basic Training on leash
Advanced Training
Recall with distractions
Leash training and Kennel training in 2 days

Having a dog pull or yank you down the road during a walk isn't very fun. A lot of times you can physically get hurt with a dog yanking your arm. 

This dog is a 6 month old pit bull that learned to walk on a leash properly and how to go in a kennel and stay there.

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