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AKC CGC Evaluator
Memeber of IACP in Macon GA


Brittanie Gray


Hey everyone,

    I have been training and rehabilitating dogs for about 10 years now. ​I have been in the behavior training world since I was very young, training horses. Once we moved into the city, my training trickled down to dogs to help families have well behaved dogs.  

   At first, I started fostering and training rescue dogs as a hobby to help troubled dogs have a better life. I have worked with rescues such as Georgia Canine Rescue and Rehabilitation, All about Animals, Peach County Animal Rescue, Critical Care for Animal Angels, and Second Chance Rescue. Gray's k-9 Academy is well respected and referred to by local veterinarians such as Town and Country Animal Clinic. I am a member of the IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals). I am also a certified CGC (Canine Good Citizen) trainer/ evaluator. I have interviewed and trained for actress Jacqueline Pinol, who produced the documentary, "The Canine Condition". I have attended seminars with Jeff Gellman and Sean O'shea and I continue pursuing education by going to dog training seminars.

    We have developed dog training programs that will best fit your dogs' bad behavior. We have worked with some of the most challenging dog behaviors and have successfully given them back to their very satisfied and pleased owners. Here at Gray's K-9 Academy, we have a commitment to send home extremely balanced, well behaved dogs. Our goal is to help as many families as possible to have that amazing life with their beloved dog. "Where there's a Gray, there's a way!"


If you're ready, we're ready. Transform your dog and live a better, easier life!


Cari Brooks

Atlanta Dog Trainer

I have worked with animals all my life, I grew up riding horses and my family had Rottweilers. I started working at dog boarding facilities in college where I discovered my nack for working with dogs. I started training friends and families dogs when I could to build my skills. I am fascinated by dog psychology and spend much of my time researching and learning about dog behavior. I now enjoy teaching obedience and socialization with the help of my personal dogs, Dash and Shasta. 

Tiffani Abshire 

Macon Head Trainer

I have always had a love for helping animals and spent most of my formative years in wildlife refuges learning from park rangers. As a young girl I would bring home turtles, snakes, frogs, tadpoles, and any other animal that I could catch. By my teens I was bring home abandoned cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies and finding rescues to take them in. I knew that I wanted to spend my life doing something to help the animal kingdom. I was born with a connection to animals, but I did not realize my potential to be a trainer until my late teens. As a 19 year old living away from my parents for the first time I decided to get my first dog. Being turned down by a few rescues due to age, I ending up with a Rottweiler puppy, Porter. Not the breed for a novice dog owner, but there I was. I taught him the basics and tricks from watching "It's Me or the Dog" and countless YouTube videos, but as he turned from a puppy to an adolescent I realized that I needed to learn more. I joined dog training forums and met with many people in the dog show world who taught me more about dog behavior rather than just tricks. I continued to follow other trainers and do my research, growing my skills which eventually led to me getting a job with Gray's K-9. If I had to pick one core value that has stayed true to who I am from the day that I was born, it is my love for animals. 

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Gray's K-9 Academy services the central Georgia area including Macon, Warner Robins, Centerville, Perry, Byron, Forsyth, Cochran, Fort Valley, Atlanta, Savannah, Columbus, Valdosta, Milledgeville, McDonough, Dublin, and Eatonton.

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