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The Benefit of a pack walk.

Pack Walk

The Benefit of a pack walk. We always tell our clients one of the things their dog will be doing is learning how to walk in a pack. Although all of their training and skills they learn are important, walking in a pack is on the higher end of the chart and here are a few reasons why: 1. Structured pack walks help build a dog's confidence. Once they learn to look to the trainer/handler/owner as pack leader, they know they can rely on that person for guidance. They do not have to worry about making their own decisions. 2. Dogs have a natural instinct and desire to belong in a pack. After being properly trained, this paticular skill is super easy for them. 3. With a structured leader, dogs are more willing to allow new comers into their pack. Dogs also will feed off each other. They will help teach the "new comers" the proper way to preform the pack walk. 4. Increase in socialization skills. 5. Increase in being able to ignore distractions. Ex: cars or bikes passing, dogs barking, kids playing etc. Of course it takes a lot of practice to take 10 dogs on a pack walk off leash. Each dog has to have confidence and trust you completely on what to do. Always make sure your dog is 100% leash trained before trying to teach off leash. For more information please contact us on our website at or contact us on Facebook! #graysk9 #dogtrainingadvice #dogadvice#dogtrainingtips #dogtips

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