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"How do I stop my outside dog from tearing up bedding? "

How do I stop my outside dog from tearing up bedding?

Weekly Q&A "How do I stop my outside dog from tearing up bedding? " This is a great question and we have answers for you! A couple of you suggested using straw or shavings instead of an actual bed. This is one of the answers! We suggest using straw in the winter time and cedar shavings in the summertime. The straw works as an insulator for your dog and will help keep him warm when it is cold outside. One of the reasons a dog has destructive chewing is because he is bored. You all have probably heard us say this before. You might think "well he has a huge yard to run around in and toys to play with. How can he be bored?" Or " There are birds and squirrels he chases, that keeps him occupied." Think of it this way. If you were stuck in a house all day everyday with the same stuff such as coloring books, books, etc, you would become very bored with the same thing over and over. The only interaction you would have would be with your family once or twice a day. So wouldn't it make sense your dog would become bored with the same things and surroundings 24/7? Give your dog a job to do. It doesn't have to be basic commands (sit, stay, place, heel, down, come, etc *although these are very beneficial*). It can be teaching your dog to pick up sticks. Teaching him to carry a back pack. Teaching him to fetch you a towel. Something new that gives the ability for him to learn. We all have the desire to learn. We all feel a sense of accomplishment when we have learned something new. Dogs feel the exact same way. Teaching new things to your dog gives them a new task, a new challenge. Also, we noticed someone asked "why would you leave your dog outside?" In the comments. We would like to answer that as well. Some dogs prefer to be outside. The ones who prefer to be outside will actually become stressed if they are inside. These are typically your bigger dogs that were initially bred to be outside. If you go to a farm, more than likely there will be outside dogs. These dogs are working dogs. They are bred for that particular job.They are protecting the animals and the land from predators. As long as the dog has a nice warm cozy spot to cuddle up in at night or cool spot during the summer, fresh water, and food, it is perfectly acceptable for a dog to be outside. #Dogtrainingadvice #Dogadvice #Dogtrainingtips#Dogtips #GraysK9

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