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Be the energy you want your dog to be!

Dog training 101

"Be the Energy you want your dog to be."

Dogs have an amazing ability to pick up the vibes we are giving. It doesn't matter what emotion we are feeling. Whether it be happy, angry, depressed, hyper, nervous, or scared; they know exactly what emotion we are experiencing. Dogs will also mimic our emotions. If we are high energy, they become high energy. If we are nervous, they become nervous. If we are frightened, they will protect. If we are sad, they will comfort. It's incredible how well they can detect what's going on inside of us. Sometimes they know it before we do.

With that being said, while training a dog we have to be sure to use the correct emotion. If we are energetic to a dog who is already hyper, that will make the problem worse. We have to be calm and assertive to teach him how to be the same way. When we train dogs with aggressive behaviors we can't show fear because they will feed off of that energy and again, the problem will become worse. We have to take away the mentality that he thinks he is pack leader. To do this means that we have to be calm and stern to show him the aggressive behavior is unacceptable and we are in control.

Remembering to always have the right energy while training your dog will help your dog pick up on what you are asking faster. Being a good, positive energy around your dog on a day-to-day basis will also minimize any bad habits from forming within your dog.

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