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Finding the root of your dog's behavioral issues!

Dog behavioral issues

Daily Tip!

Finding the root of your dog's behavioral issues.

Have you ever heard the saying "when mom's not happy, nobody is happy"? When mom is upset, stressed, angry etc. the children and husband tend to feed off the same vibe. When mom is happy, everyone else is as well. When it comes to dogs, it's very similar to this. Just like children, dogs need stability in order to behave accordingly. When a dog is in a household and there is nothing but chaos and no structure, this can bring out the bad behaviors of the dog. If it is not corrected in time, this can lead to a dog being extremely hyper, bratty, pushy, fearful or worse, aggressive. When you think your dog is all of the sudden acting up, jumping, nipping, bulldozing into things, being fearful or just not the sweet friendly dog it used to be, look at the circumstances around you. If you see the circumstances are a little rough, fix them and you will be surprised at what a difference it will make in your dog.

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