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Teaching your dog to control his impulses!

Have you ever had a dog that just rushes through the front door when you open it, or jump in the car the second the door opens, or shoves his head in his food bowl before you can even put it down for him, or bark automatically the second they hear a knock or thump? This would be a dog that lacks impulse control. These are just a few examples of things we should be controlling, but some people struggle with. One of the most important habits he can learn with us is controlling his impulses. Teaching them to have control and look to you for guidance will create a happier and more peaceful life for you and your dog. When a dog has fully learned to control their impulses, he will start to look at you for direction. Looking to you for direction is asking permission to do something. Permission can be to get on the couch, go outside to potty, going in and out of crates or doors, eating, and even your personal space. All these issues can be fixed by putting a little more time into your dog and teaching him to stay put. Start with small distractions, then once he gets better, make the distractions harder and harder. Soon, he will be the well mannered dog you've always wanted.

Dogs needing to learn manners

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