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1 way to ruin your dog

10 Unknown Ways to Ruin Your Dog.

Over the next 10 days, we will be posting 1 tip on how you may be ruining your dog. In most cases, we don't realize we are doing these acts. Make sure to check in daily to learn some facts and how to make corrections!

Day 1. Giving love and affection to a dog behaving badly instead of a correction.

This will only make him worse. When we love (pet, hug, touching in a soft way) on our dog while he is misbehaving, it's only teaching him it is acceptable behavior and your dog will think..."Hey! This is what I am suppose to do!" It's considered a reward to him and not a correction. You must correct your dogs behavior immediately with a calm and assertive tone saying "NO" or if the dog is on a leash, a stern pop of the leash will work. It will get his focus back on track.

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