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Teaching your dog rules

Are you on a roller coaster with your dog? Rufus came to us because he had bitten 3 people, all in different situations. He also didn't like moving vehicles, especially the mail guy or the big delivery trucks. So, we are working on his impulse control. We have him in place while these delivery guys brought in the new washer and dryer. All dogs should know how to control their impulses. Just like we, humans, do. We are taught at a very young age, no hitting, no biting, hold moms hand, look both ways before you cross the street, self control with eating, being polite, holding our tongue, respect others, responsibilities, etc. If we are taught those things, shouldn't dogs be taught rules too? It may be fun, or it may make you feel better, but are the consequences worth it? Probably not. If we speed down the road, our consequence for that is getting a ticket. If a dog runs and jumps on someone that didn't want to be jumped on, what's the dogs consequence for that so that he understands the rules? Every dog needs to learn rules, boundaries and limitations whether they are 3lbs or 200lbs. It's best to teach rules the second you get your puppy/ dog so that it's clear that bad behavior is unacceptable. If you allow a bad behavior once or twice and give yourself an excuse for the dog, your dog will always know those rules can be broken at any moment. Then you will always be on a roller coaster with your dogs behavior and never know what he's going to act like. Will he bite someone today or not? You should never have to play a guessing game with your dog. Make rules, stick to them no matter what. Be consistent. Tell us about your dog! We may be able to help you!

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