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Dogs and Chaos

Dogs, just like people, like to be in controlled, calm, safe, and no drama environments. Some dogs can handle chaos, non controlled environments, better than others. Other dogs will react badly to any stressor. We need to teach our dogs self control wether they are nervous or scared of something or super excited about something.

It is our job to teach our dogs to behave and have manners at all times. There is a time and place for being calm and collected and a time to play. Without control there will be chaos!

My mom always said "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all" and "think before you leap"! Meaning, I couldn't just go around saying anything I wanted to just any person. Someone may take offense to it and I could get into trouble. Also, to think about my actions and the consequences I would have following those actions before I did something I regretted. All teaching self control.

We should be teaching our dogs the same thing, but in action since they don't understand sentences. Be respectful to those owners and dogs that are different from you and your dog. Remember, dogs are just like us in some ways. Some want to party all year round, some want to relax, and some may be shy/ timid of the world and need extra time to gain trust. So don't force a situation learn to work with them to create harmony.

Dog aggression training success
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