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Is your dog Counter Surfing?

For dog owners that have dogs that COUNTER SURF! When a dog gets to much freedom: isn't watched, it'll start getting in trouble. In order for bad behavior to stop, it needs to be corrected EVERY time. If you cannot keep an eye on your dog all the time then put him/ her in a kennel or somewhere he cannot get into trouble. I like to teach my dogs the "place" command to help me stop this behavior. By teaching your dog the "place" command, you can start making a pattern everyday. If you're consistent in sticking to that pattern then the dog, after a while, will forget about counter surfing because his brain is so used to going to his place, he will just automatically go there. The other way, or just combine the two, is letting the dog think you're not watching and then catch him off guard. I like to make a loud noise: pots clanging, loud stomp, loud clap. After doing this a few times consistently, the dog will start thinking or wondering if you're watching and in the back of his head he will be more hesitant to counter surf cause you may jump from behind the wall. 😉 The key to stopping this behavior is to correct your dog EVERY time. Be smarter than the dog. Hope this helps!

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