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How to stop a dog/puppy from chewing random objects.

Tips on getting your puppy to stop chewing on random things

-The first thing is to WATCH them. Puppies are just like infants that can crawl around the house putting everything in their mouth. So watching them ALL the time is critical to them learning "no" and correcting the dog. -Second, be CONSISTENT! Without being consistent your dog will always know that rules are negotiable and will always try to put different objects in there mouth because he was "allowed" once before. You will be doing this at least for the first 2 years of your dog's life. -Last, you create scenarios that your dog

is having trouble with, like in the video. It'll be just like when you were a kid in elementary school doing homework to learn the task better. This is easier when your dog has some foundation work like sit or down. You will collect the objects he likes most (like a shoe) to do the training with. Your dog won't be allowed to take the object or eat the food that isn't given to him by hand or given the release command (break, get it, etc). In the video you will see me stepping into his space and saying "no" at the same time when he tries to get what I dropped. This process is creating rules and limitations. You are claiming what is yours. Once your done with the exercise, you can give him a toy or treat and praise, then the release command.

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